Double Extraction Process

The Chaga we use is harvested in an area where the Chaga has been tested and found to be even more potent than siberian Chaga and has the highest scores of any Chaga that has ever been tested, This Chaga tincture is a dual extraction containing both the water-soluble and alcohol soluble fraction of Wild – Crafted Chaga and therefore contains the broadest spectrum of nutrients available in any single Chaga product.
This Wildcrafted Chaga Extract is packaged in Miron violet glass container — the best glass in the world.

wp1394db30_05_06Grinding Into Fine Powder
To prepare the raw CHAGA, the large pieces are chiseled into smaller pieces that can be ground. Those smaller pieces are then ground into a fine powder. The finer the powder the more surface area to extract the beneficial elements form the King of Mushrooms.

wp4f0841a2_05_06Alcohol Extraction
By far the lengthiest step in the process is the Alcohol Extraction. Using only the best 190 proof Organic Grape Alcohol. We then start the Alcohol Extraction on the new moon. Shake daily and allow this extraction to continue through several Moon Cycles

wp7e5c8e8a_05_06Water Extraction
Water extracts of chaga: This includes chaga tea and certain encapsulated chaga products.  Hot water extracts most of chaga’s polysaccharides, including immune-balancing beta glucans.

5915035-frozMarc Freezing
The freezing is intended to break down as much fiber in the chaga pieces as possible, thus liberating the most medicinal elements when the chaga is reheated.

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